02 April 2009

Performance of students in support nudizm and family nudity.

Performance of students in support nudizm and family nudity.
The West Coast chapter of the National Academic Nudists of North America (NANNA) will march in protest Wednesday, on April, 1st through Fairfield campus.
"Our nation condemns free self-expression every time when there is an involved nudity and family nudity," said Jane Carlin, 25, vice president of the West Coast chapter and liberal arts graduate student of Stockton State University.
"We believe, that (family nudity) is our first right of the amendment to pass. It is our way to support free speech." Carlin has estimated, that number protesting, coming in SCC was between two hundred and three hundred.
"(NANNA) is engaged in that несковала our society from the out-of-date, Victorian standards which have caused a damage in our public and private life," reads the statement of mission of the NANNA. Group - the big student's organisation with satellite groups in more than 120 university campuses through the nation generated with intention from transformation, that they call as "the rights of the nudist and family nudity."
"Our purpose consists in having presence at each college at the country to 2015," has told Carlin, and has assumed, that the organisation visits the majority of campuses infrequently.
Local pastor Art Greers, of non-denominational All Souls Harvest Church in Vallejo, disagrees with group intentions.
"Modesty - a part of desire of the God for us. If we refuse all concepts of that respectfully we invite a lot of sin and temptations during our lives."
Greers prepares the post card for the NANNA, with planned subscribed seven other local religious greetings of numbers from several Christian names and local mosque Sunni .